Animal (Movie): What is it really about?

What Is ‘Animal’ Really About?

At first glance, ‘Animal’ appears to be a film steeped in violence and anchored by a toxic protagonist. But beneath its tumultuous surface, the movie quietly explores the deep-seated yearning for paternal validation. It’s not just about the external expressions of aggression and the strains of flawed masculinity; it’s a portrait of vulnerability masked by ferocity.

The character of Ranvijay, played by Ranbir Kapoor, seems to personify unapologetic machismo. Yet his actions are a distorted cry for the love and approval he lacked from his father. This theme gently unfurls, showing how the absence of a nurturing parental relationship can disfigure the soul and shape a person’s destiny.

The narrative’s raw complexity is smartly hidden under the more overt trappings of the genre. While audiences witness the character’s vile conduct and are swept up by the high-octane plot, the subtler tale of familial need and the hunger for acceptance plays out in the background. Critics might slice into ‘Animal’ for its apparent glorification of anti-heroism, but if they looked closer, they’d find the protagonist’s violent spree is a mirror reflecting a fractured paternal bond.

Witness the scene where Ranvijay reflects on his past, the storytelling choice to position this reflection signifies the essence of the character’s turmoil. His brutality is not for show; it’s born from a cavern of neglect and the human desire for connection.


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