Beetlejuice (2024 Movie): What is it really about?

What Is Beetlejuice (2024 Movie) Really About?

Beetlejuice (2024) might seem like a straightforward sequel to the eccentric ’80s cult classic, reviving its ghostly antics and macabre humor. On the surface, audiences anticipate a revival of the chaotic spirit Beetlejuice, this time in a modern setting, possibly riffing on contemporary house haunting issues. The narrative is expected to follow a similar formula: a mischievous poltergeist causes trouble and hilarity ensues. However, what many might not discern is the subtext about dealing with the past.

This new foray into the Beetlejuice world isn’t just an exercise in nostalgia; it discreetly taps into the familiar longing to reconcile with yesterday’s troubles. The original film teased at the idea that the dead are not so different from the living, with unfinished business and an unyielding desire to meddle in mortal affairs. The 2024 rendition elevates this concept, taking a deeper look at the ghosts of our past, using Beetlejuice himself as an allegory for the things we can’t let go of.

While the humor and horror remain intact, the movie invites the audience to reflect on their own specters — personal histories and memories that continue to haunt their present. Much like the characters who unintentionally call upon Beetlejuice’s services, the film suggests viewers might be summoning their own versions of Beetlejuice in misguided attempts to address unresolved issues.

The sequel subtly reminds fans that beyond the iconic striped suit and ghoulish pranks, the true terror comes from within. Beetlejuice embodies the chaotic ways in which the past can intrude on the present, creating a clever undertone to an otherwise vibrant and seemingly frivolous narrative. It’s this hidden depth that moves Beetlejuice beyond its role as a mere supernatural comedy to a poignant commentary on human nature and the inescapability of history.


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