Past Lives (2023 Movie): What is it really about?

What Is “Past Lives” Really About?

On the surface, “Past Lives” appears as a tale intricately spinning the yarn of old flames rekindling through social media and long-distance calls. Yet, the movie’s heart beats to the rhythm of existential pondering rather than just a cinematic love letter. Past Lives challenges viewers to contemplate time’s relentless march and the parallel lives we might have lived.

At its core, the film is an exploration of regret and longing wearing the mask of a romantic drama. It transcends the simplicity of a childhood sweetheart narrative to probe deeper into the ‘what-ifs’ that linger in the back alleys of our minds. As the characters progress, they occasionally glance at the rearview mirror of their lives, inviting the audience to ponder the fragility of choice and the power of circumstances.

It captures the essence of how human connections evolve, how they’re sculpted by time and distance, subtly suggesting that who we become is as much a product of the people we hold onto as it is of those we let go. The concept of friendship morphing over the years offers a lens not just to the characters’ lives but reflecting our own stories of divergence from the paths once dreamed of.

“Past Lives” presents the poignant truth that living is not merely existing in the now, but also wrestling with the shadows of the lives we didn’t choose. It’s a conversation that starts on the screen but continues in the minds of its viewers, compelling them to look beyond the obvious, find meaning in the crisscross patterns of destiny, and acknowledge the beauty of the paths not taken.


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