Perfect Days (2023 Movie): What is it really about?

What Is “Perfect Days” Really About?

On the surface, “Perfect Days,” directed by Wim Wenders, appears to unfold the life of a Japanese janitor who hopscotches between jobs set to a backdrop of rock music. The film, however, is far more than a simple character study; it’s an exploration of the mundane, discovering poetry within the prosaic.

At its core, “Perfect Days” dissects the essence of human existence through the lens of its lead character, played by Kōji Yakusho. While he cleans, his experiences are anything but sterile; they’re rich with the grit and grime of introspection and philosophical musings. His interactions, especially those with his cool niece and her mother – his sister, reveal layers of familial dynamics and the complexities of relationships.

The janitor’s journey is a quiet testament to the idea that significance is found in the smallest of actions. Each turn between the corridors of Tokyo’s skyscrapers, each swipe of the cleaning cloth, becomes a tableau, subtext for the bigger questions of meaning and purpose.

The connection between four short stories in the film isn’t just about plot threads intertwining, but rather about the shared human condition that they illuminate. It’s about the unexpected moments where life reveals itself not in grand gestures but in the pauses and quiet places where one least expects to find depth.

“Perfect Days” might surprise those who delve beyond its serene surface, offering a striking commentary on the beauty and complexity of everyday life. It’s a fitting tribute to the unnoticed intricacies that define our existence, prompting viewers to ponder the hidden richness of the lives that pass by unnoticed.


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