Poor Things (2023 Movie): What is it really about?

What Is Poor Things Really About?

While on the surface, Poor Things might appear to be another addition to the Frankenstein-inspired narratives, it’s much more than a story of resurrection and the grotesque. At its heart, the film canvasses the complex weave of self-discovery and the shackles of societal norms.

Yorgos Lanthimos has a knack for unearthing the eccentricities underpinning human behavior. With Poor Things, he takes this a step further. The film chronicles the life of Bella Baxter, but it’s not just her resurrection that is gripping—it’s her subsequent odyssey that holds a mirror to the audience. In Victorian era London, a setting rife with strict decorum, Bella’s journey after she is brought back to life by a pioneering scientist is an exploration of autonomy and liberation.

What catches the audience off-guard is the film’s depiction of freedom in a time of stringent social constraints. Each step of Bella’s path challenges the viewer’s understanding of what it means to be truly liberated. Her choices, especially those involving her relationship with a debauched lawyer, peel back layers of human desires and societal expectations. The science is merely a medium; the essence lies in Bella’s fight to define her identity on her own terms.

Through the lens of this peculiar resurrection story, Lanthimos invites the viewers to question their perceptions of morality, control, and independence. It’s not just a woman finding her way after an experimental second chance; it’s about the perennial human quest for meaning beyond the life prescribed to us.


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