Rustin (2023 Movie): What is it really about?

What Is Rustin Really About?

While Rustin pivots around the central figure of Bayard Rustin, sculptor of the 1963 March on Washington, the film unfurls a less-trodden narrative far beyond the civil rights movement’s rallying cry for racial equality. It carves out a space to explore the complexities of Rustin’s identity, illuminating the intersectionality of race and sexuality in an era where both brewed contentious debates.

The narrative threads to be discerned unravel the conundrum of Bayard’s openness about his sexuality intersecting with his activism. The film underlines moments where his orientation not just earmarks him for controversy but adds a layer of vulnerability in the face of discrimination, creating a rare lens through which to view the Civil Rights era.

Rustin subtly exposes the tension beneath the surface of social movements, suggesting that the push for one form of equality can sometimes overshadow the struggle for another. The protagonist’s life is a mirror to the poignant truth that fights for justice are seldom singular; they are myriad and often overshadowed by more spectacular historical milestones.

Through the character of Rustin, played by Colman Domingo, the audience is given a keyhole peek into the personal sacrifices obscured by public victories. This is not just a film about civil rights; it’s an exposé into the personal battles waged silently amidst public turmoil, highlighting an often-overlooked figure who bore the weight of multiple fronts in the fight for justice.


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