What is The Exorcist: Believer (2023 Movie) really about?

What Is The Exorcist: Believer Really About?

The surface story of The Exorcist: Believer may lead audiences to expect a straightforward tale of supernatural horror, following tropes recreated since the franchise’s beginnings. However, the film mines a deeper thematic vein, resonating with the universal struggle between hope and despair. The narrative focuses on Victor Fielding, a photographer who faced an impossible choice during a Haitian earthquake—his pregnant wife or his unborn child. On its face, the movie invites us to witness Victor’s confrontation with demonic forces years later, but at its core, it’s a meditation on Victor’s ongoing battle with guilt and the complexities of healing from a traumatic loss.

It’s the undercurrents of this film—resilience in the face of catastrophe and the powers of redemption—that catch viewers off guard. The chilling events are a canvas, painting the psychological trials that follow an irrevocable decision made under extreme duress. For example, the presence of voodoo and the backdrop of Haiti are not mere exotic set pieces but underscore a theme of the collision between faiths and the ways diverse cultures grapple with grief and the supernatural.

The exorcism component is less about the expulsion of evil spirits and more a dramatic representation of Victor’s internal struggle to exorcise his own demons. In his quest for solace, the real antagonist isn’t the supernatural entity he faces but the echoes of his past decisions, a haunting refrain challenging his capacity to move forward. This nuanced layer offers a resonating message about the human condition and the resilience of the human spirit, a revelation that might just provoke fans to see Victor’s journey in a new light.


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